Child abuse practices have been going around since long and they are not only a disgrace on the society but, also a disgrace on human beings. What are we teaching the coming future generations if we do not bring child abuse to a stop? Can they thrive in this unsafe environment?

Thus, with this thought of the cases of child abuse and exploitation rocketing higher and higher with each passing day, let’s take a big revolutionary step towards providing our dear children with a safe & protected surrounding through tracking their school buses from the comforts of our homes using the GPS methodology & notification system of the eSchool Travel app.

It is brought to your smart phones by eSchool Travel, a product of the company- Javin. This handy mobile application does not only track your child’s school bus but, also provides you self configured notifications about the real time location of the bus. Basically, this simplistic & futuristic mobile application is the utmost useful product you can add in your smart phone for it assures you of your child’s safety and well-being at your beck & call that every responsible parent should use and also advise other parents & school authorities to install.

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