A mother’s most prized- her child is considered as a blessing from God who charms each and everyone with the twinkle of its eyes. Loving it unconditionally, she grows enamoured by her sweet baby but, when comes the time to begin the child’s education, one deep fear makes home in her heart. With escalating number of crimes in the city towards children, she fears the safety of her own child in this big bad world.
She fears of all the disasters that can take place when travelling to and fro to school. And, though she understands the importance of education & proper schooling in shaping a child’s future, she fears reading her child’s name in the next day’s newspapers with an upsetting title.
But, she understands the need of protecting her child and, as helpless as it may sound, she finds no way to end her misery. Thankfully, with new trends in technology and the ever evolving nature of science & technology in the world, the case is not so likely.
To end the need of worrying mothers and to bring them closer to their child at all times has emerged a revolutionary application by the name Eschool travel.
This unique and promising product of the company Javin assures to construct a virtual link between parents & children travelling in the school bus. Eschool travel app also serves as a base for school authorities to track all their school buses at one place. Eschool Travel aims to serve as a wholesome school travel application for parents as well as the school authorities. The mobile application can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.

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