Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technologic methodology built on the principle of automatic identification and data accumulation. It enables identifying and tracking of tag-attached objects with respect to network band frequency available to it.

The tags store information electronically and serve as an important medium to ensure attendance and safety. These RIFD tags or labels can be attached to any movable-immovable and living-non living objects. These tags send radio-active signals to nearby located RFID readers.

RIFD tags serve many industries such as commerce, human resource, public transport, education, engineering, electronic and so forth universally. They assist them in their auxiliary processes and activities like inventory management, attendance recording, tracking and monitoring employees and other similar logistics.

Javin introduces this futuristic technology for schools and universities to track pupils and staff in and out of the school building through specially designed identification cards. It will serve most suitable not only to track attendance but, also to ensure safety measures through preventing unauthorised entrance as well as impromptu exits.

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