How To Deal with Negative Comments on Social Media

1. Respond Immediately

It is important to use a respectful and even playful tone in order to keep the mood light and friendly. Always admit your mistake whenever you commit it . Use the customer service policy. Publicly send an apology on the social media site because you are dealing with more than just that one customer. Privately contact the customer who complained and fix the specific problem by giving a discount or some benefit that fits the problem.
Share how your business plans in terms of fixing the future flaws. Explain with the appropriate amount of detail what went wrong and what you have done to fix the problem for all of your customers. The more transparent you are here, the more trust you will gain from your customers.
Although every situation will be different, if you learn how to respond appropriately and effectively to negative comments on social media sites, your customers will be happy to support you even more.

2. The Tone

It’s not enough to quickly respond to the negative comments but what’s more important Is the tone in which you are replying .If you have a team managing your social media accounts. You should always train them how to deal with such comments politely.

In order to deal with such comments you should you can always go for the option of sending  private message to the customer facing the issue. This helps in building a good image of your brand.

3. Do not try to win the argument

Lets suppose if someone is complaining about your product and experiencing issues, But later it turned out that the it was customer’s fault as he was not able to operate  The product according to the manual. Well in that scenario you cannot say that it was customer’s Fault . The best way to deal with this is to show empathy by saying we are sorry to hear that and later on after fixing up the issue you can gently tell him to delete the comment.

4.Social media analytics service.

How would you know about the worth of your brand or why people are complaining about your product or services. These complaints might be floating somewhere on social media without your knowledge.

Having a high quality social media analytics service in place helps you not only  To measure activities (engagement rate, potential views,etc)but also to analyse the behaviour of your customers or target audience. So each of the complain could get rectify before it gets viral or Become the source of getting trolled in the market .

5. Hire a communication specialist.

If you are a market professional who is tasked to do millions of other projects then you need to be  Quick at reacting in social media as it might slip off your radar and it might be too late for reacting to A particular troll or comment .It is harder for a growing company who has lot of business in the market to go through each comment and solve their issues. Even a dedicated team will not be able to resolves the issue. Then in that scenario, it will help you greatly if you have a high quality analytic service to process large amount of data and support your social media team to be more efficient with accurate and relevant data.

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