Benefits of Mobile Apps

  1. Easy access to information

To open a website, the user needs to open a browser and enter the website URL. The user might encounter some difficulties with this. Users mostly don’t remember the specific URL. Therefore, if you enter the company name in the search box, the browser will display search results for the query. In this case, there is no guarantee that the site of the desired company will be first on the list, which means some of the traffic will go to competitors. Also, It is tiring to type the URLs again and again.

Once the application is installed, the user can return to it by one click on the phone screen.


  1. User interaction & Notifications

The ability to send instant notifications to application users is perhaps the main reason for developing an application.

Using the mobile application, you can contact the user at any time by sending a notification. This allows to easily engaging the user, especially if the notifications contain useful information. The push notification is displayed like other messages on the phone, and by clicking on it; the user automatically opens the desired page within the application.

Push Notification also enhances the faster delivery of your messages as compared to other mediums.

Push Notifications can be displayed on the locked screen, within the App, on the App icon, etc. The user himself can decide what information he wants to receive. Thus, push notifications is an important tool in the marketing strategy.


  1. Users Spend More Time on Apps

According to Internet traffic on Mobile Vs Desktop Vs Tablet is 51.74% vs 45.61% vs 2.65 % respectively.

Nowadays it is a must to have a Mobile App to tap more than 50% of Internet users who use Mobile phones more actively than desktops or laptops.


  1. Mobile Apps are faster

Mobile Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than websites and they perform actions much faster too. Applications store their data locally on your device & data retrieval happens in the blink of an eye. In the case of websites, data needs to be fetched from the web servers which can take from few seconds to a minute depending upon the network speed and packet sizes.


  1. Mobile Apps use device features

Mobile apps have an added advantage where an app can utilize various features of a Mobile device. So, once downloaded they can use features like Camera, Scan PFDs, QR and Bar codes, maps, accelerometer, compass that can be utilized for numerous different purposes.


  1. New Features Update are easy to Push through Mobile Apps

Whenever you want to add a new feature or change, it is easier to push on Mobile Apps as Mobile Apps are automatically updated through IOS or Google App Stores. Users will get notifications about that. It is relatively easy to introduce the features in your users’ community through mobile Apps.

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