1. Put interesting blogs

While writing blogs for your website you don’t always have to write Or give information related to your website. Try to share interesting stories and information that could catch the attention of users. Your blog is not for you it’s for your customers ,so write for them and aim to either solve a problem for your customer or provide a fresh insights into your industry.

2. Make Navigation Intuitive

The moment a visitor lands on your website they often look to the navigation bar to get more and more information in the page. The navigation bar is important as it follows the site visitor throughout their journey on your site and serves as a tool to go back to the landing page.
So you need to limit the number of categories in your navigation bar, so it doesn’t become overly bulky—you should also place it in the same location on every page. Conduct some A/B testing with your bar, trying slightly different positions, tab arrangements, and even wording. This will tell you what users prefer and what works best for your site.

3. Choose colour wisely

Colours play a very vital role to catch the attention of the visitors. Your colour palette need to make sense for your industry, but the contrast between the background and text needs to be enough that the visitor can read text easily and not strain the eyes.

Look at the bold colours of pepperfry website . The pop of multi vibrant colours for the background draw the eye of the user. Because the industry is Home Decor, the site can get a little more creative in the colours they use, combining colours for a palette that a more conservative industry, such as finance, wouldn’t use. This combination works well for this particular site. Although the white text on the partial cream background does not work well, the rest of the site is spot on.

4.Tell the world how creative you are

The client would always want to know who they will be working with so make sure You should be creative enough to draw the attention of the client, perhaps the easiest way in terms of your conversion. Craft the content that takes a unique stand on topic the resonates with your intended audience. Fresh and updated content is the best way to engage with prospective clients.

5. Showcase interesting and relatable videos

A quick intro video is a great way to immediately differentiate your website. For a time, you had a one-minute stop-motion video on your homepage, you can’t tell how many of your colleagues and potential clients commented on it. It gave personality to your brand and makes it instantly likable and relatable to potential customers.

6.Device friendly

By making your website responsive to the device the user is looking at it on this will give them a much more enjoyable browsing experience on your site allowing them to find and read the post they are looking for. This will help you bring visitors again and again on your website. If you’d like to find out more about responsive websites you can click the link below.

7. Let Someone Guest Post

You can also let someone you know, whether off line or online, guest post for you. Let them post their best and most interesting piece on your blog. This will not only bring more readers to your blog but will also give this guest poster a link back to their blog which will give them more traffic as well.

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